Navigating the Building Permit Application Process in Mississauga with ePlans

Navigating the Building Permit Application Process in Mississauga with ePlansEmbarking on a construction project in Mississauga? Understanding and efficiently navigating the building permit application process is key to ensuring a smooth journey from planning to completion. The City of Mississauga has embraced digital innovation with its ePlans system, streamlining the application process and making it more accessible than ever before. Let’s walk through the essential steps with Irvi Design to successfully secure your building permit.

Step 1: Create an ePlans Account

To kick off the process, create an ePlans account. This online platform is your gateway to submitting and managing building permit applications. By having an account, you’ll be able to seamlessly progress through each stage of the application.

Step 2: Submit a Building Permit Application

Log in to your ePlans account, navigate to the Building Applications section, and follow the prompts to start the application process. Provide all requested information and, upon completion, submit your building permit request along with the required administration fee.

Step 3: Upload Drawings and Supporting Documents

Shortly after submitting your application, you’ll receive an email containing your temporary project number and an invitation to upload drawings and supporting documents. Locate your submitted application under the Current Projects section in ePlans, ensuring a status of “Application Upload Pending.” Upload all necessary documents promptly to avoid delays.

Step 4: Prescreen Review

Once your drawings and documents are uploaded, the City will initiate the prescreen review to ensure minimum requirements are met. During this phase, no additional information can be uploaded or comments responded to. If corrections are needed, you’ll receive an email outlining the necessary adjustments.

Step 5: Fee Payment

Upon passing the prescreen review, the City will notify you of additional fees, referencing the Fee Schedule for a general idea of the charges. Fees under $30,000 are paid through the applicant’s ePlans account, while fees exceeding $30,000 require electronic payment.

Step 6: Your Application is Created

After fee payment, your application will be officially created, and you’ll receive a new application number via email.

Step 7: Department Review

Your application undergoes a detailed review by relevant departments to ensure compliance with building codes, zoning by-laws, and other necessary approvals. You cannot upload additional information or respond to comments during this phase. If revisions are required, expect an “applicant resubmit” email with detailed instructions.

Step 8: Permit Issued

Upon approval from all review groups, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your permit and approved drawings are available for download in ePlans. With your building permit in hand, you’re ready to commence construction, remembering to keep the permit notice and approved drawings on-site and scheduling inspections as needed.

By following these steps diligently and leveraging the ePlans platform with Irvi Design, we will help you to navigate the building permit application process in Mississauga with confidence, setting the stage for a successful construction project. Happy building!